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The National Summaries

See in what they have done to me in e.g. the UK, or France, or Spain, or Italy etc.

News and Notes

Here you will also find a link to the Newsreel and Addition Reel that contains previous articles.

The Autobiographies

From this page you can accesses my autobiographies - La Investigación and the Dancing with the Gods - and Supporting documents: The Family and The Partners. They are all also available in the form of a short synopsis of the content. Here you will also find the links to the update of the Epilogues of my autobiographies

The Fourth Reich and The Brotherhood

On this page you find the synopsis of the book The Fourth Reich which describes the New World Order. On this page you have now also links to a text called The Brotherhood which investigate the same topic in a different way and reflect the latest of your discoveries and conclusions. The two complements each other.

See also

The Collective Man and the Economy

Twenty years of European disintegration

EMU is Just a Name


The proof against the Swedish society is now complete - see the Swedish Summary and Chapter 31 of The Epilogue.The Swedish and the Mexican Summaries are now updated - see The National Summaries.

The European Court of Human Rights

See what happened in the European Court of Human Rights when I managed to lodge an application.

The Arrest

See how they arrested me illegally and abusively in Spain


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Welcome to the Eqvester organization. There has been another longish absence as we were once more hindered to work on the update of this site. The Epilogue is now updated as per the 27th of February 2011 and we have two new articles about the Monetary Union - see links above. Equally we have another short article on the economic system that we have called the Economic System of the Collective Man - see also in the links above.

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